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Smart Devices – Repair Services


Today computers and digital devices are used for work, play, education, relaxation, and communication. They have gone from being gadgets to integral components that help make our lives easier, more convenient, and more entertaining. At Arizona iPad Repair in Phoenix, we’re here to keep all your different types of devices running in top condition.

For decades, the only way to have music on the go was by lugging around a portable radio. Then came the Walkman to play CDs. The iPod changed the way people listened to music because it held thousands of songs in a much smaller device  Today’s models can hold more than ten thousand songs, music for every mood and occasion.

If you’re experiencing problems with the display, headphone jack, battery, camera, glass or LCD, home button, click wheel, or your device won’t turn on, we have the solution at affordable prices. We currently service 2nd to 5th generation iPods.


If your Apple computer experiencing problems with powering on, keeping a charge, has a broken display or screen, or can’t connect to the Internet, bring it to Arizona iPhone Repair in Phoenix, where a certified technician will perform a free diagnostics to identify and repair the problem. We can also upgrade your computer with a more powerful hard drive or by adding more memory.


While the iPhone may be the most popular smart phone in the United States, Samsung’s Galaxy series, the most successful Android phones on the market, has a firm grip on the number two spot and is gaining new converts every year. The Galaxy line is known for its vivid HD screen, top of the line camera, and for maintaining the 3.5 mm audio jack. Typical problems include cracked screens, battery not keeping charge, broken glass and LCD, audio jack not functioning, back casing replacement, and camera repair.

Our team of certified technicians service a variety of Samsung smartphones and tablets including the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note III, Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab 3.

Bring Your Device in Today

If any of your devices aren’t working properly or have stopped working at all, stop by Arizona iPad Repair and let our expert technicians diagnose the problem and fix it. Our centrally located store welcomes walk-ins, or you can call and make an appointment. We also offer a Ship-to-Repair service. Just send your computer or device to us, and after servicing we’ll ship it back. Please call (480) 559-9694 for more information about shipping or to ask about prices and other available services.

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