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Cell Phone Water Damage Repair Service

Did you drop your iPhone in some water or get it wet? Are the water damage indicators pink or is your iPhone behaving erratically?
Getting your iPhone drenched with water is one of the worst things that can happen to it. This is because the paid-for warranty, as well as the Apple Care plan, specifically excludes any faults caused by water.

Your iPhone may stop working if it gets submerged in water in the pool, sink, tub or toilet. So what should you do if this happens to you?

Well, the first thing you have to avoid is to return it to the Apple store or even the Carphone Warehouse and try to pretend that the problem is has nothing to do with water. You should know that the iPhone has got multiple ‘liquid submersion indicators’ within it that turn pink when it comes into contact with water or any other liquid. So, they’ll easily know if you are lying. iPhone water damage

You can see one of the circular sensors by looking down the headphone socket using a bright light. If the iPhone suffered water damage, the circular sensor will be pink in one half and white in the other.

So what should you do if Apple can’t or won’t help? Well, do not give up hope

Our experts carry an extremely high success rate at fixing water damaged devices and give you the best chance of fixing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. See below for more details.

Water repair service is $40.

Here is the info for water repair:

The process takes about 24-48 hours if parts need to be replaced that’s extra cost, if the repair is not successful then the customer pays $20.

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