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Apple Watch Repair

These aren’t your father’s watches. While Timex might take a licking and keep on ticking, Movado is the art of time, and Rolex tells history, the Apple Watch is a combination digital secretary and personal trainer. Ironically, when the Apple Watch Series 1 first came out, reviews were mixed. Even some proud early adopters couldn’t see the benefit of a smartwatch when there were already iPhones in the world. But since then, wearables have proven to be a must-have complement to your phone or tablet.

In addition to telling time and forwarding texts and emails from your phone, the Apple Watch was designed to provide a wide range of functionality including apps, games, Apple Pay, the functionality to hold calls directly from the watch, get at contacts in a few taps of a finger, and sending watch-to-watch images, all of which means the convenience of not having to pull your phone out of your pocket or bag every few minutes. Rather than being an additional distraction, smartwatches can actually end up saving some time and focus. So if your Apple Watch stops working properly, it can put a crimp in your daily routine.

At Arizona iPad Repair, certified technicians will perform a free diagnostics to determine if your Apple Watch can be fixed and whether the problem can be fixed while you wait. Our store is conveniently located and walk-ins are welcome. Or you can call in advance to make an appointment. We also offer a Ship-to-Repair service that gives you the option of sending your watch to us by mail. Once the repair is finished, we’ll mail it back. For more information, please call us at (480) 559-9694.

We currently work on the Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3, both 38mm and 42mm.

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