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iPad Repair Services

While smartphones may still be the digital device of choice, iPads have become equally as ubiquitous. Children use them for games, students use them in class to learn, and small business owners use them as a virtual office. So when your iPad breaks down, it can cause a serious crimp in your life and work. So if your iPad won’t turn on, won’t stay on, isn’t working properly, or the screen has been cracked, bring it to Arizona iPad Repair for expert service.

Every repair begins with a free, detailed diagnostic to check all the basic systems and identify any needed repairs. From screen repair and battery and charge port replacement to software fixes and water damage cleaning, our technicians have state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise to resolve whatever ails your tablet. And no repair issue is too complicated or too small for our team of technicians. And all our repairs come with the security of a ninety-day parts warranty.

We provide service for the following models:

iPad Mini. For many consumers, the iPad Mini is the perfect sized tablet that allows them to bring their work on the go with them. Capable of being held in one hand, the Mini has once again revolutionized the smart device market with innovative features. Common issues with Minis include broken glass, nonfunctioning LCD displays, and power problems with either the charger or battery.

iPad Air. Although incredibly lightweight, the iPad Air is a well-built device for those who don’t want to be weighed down. But’s its airy design also leads to being dropped so common repairs include cracked screens and damaged LCD displays.

iPad 4. Even newer models can develop glitches. We find that some of the more common problems iPad 4 owners experience is a broken or scratched digitizer, the LCD display stops working altogether, or the WiFi antenna isn’t connecting properly to a router.

iPad 3. Ever since Apple introduced its first iPad, consumers have been falling in love with the capabilities that a tablet can provide, from keeping a kid busy on a long drive, to conducting graphic design work. Common problems that can occur include a broken display, nonfunctioning WiFi, or the device simply won’t turn on.

iPad 2. Some of the most common malfunctions with the iPad 2 are a broken screen or inactive LCD display, issues with the charging port or the machine simply won’t power on

iPad 1. The iPad 1 revolutionized the computer world by introducing a handheld device with a 3G capability that allowed the user to connect to the world. Ever since then, monitoring social media profiles, bringing your office on the road with you, and keeping kids entertained with countless games has become the norm for many iPad owners. As devices age, problems can occur. iPad 1 computing systems commonly experience broken displays, requiring LCD replacement, and battery-related problems, preventing proper charging and extended use of the device when unplugged.

We know your time is important; that is why repairs typically take just one to two hours. All repairs are done on-site by certified technicians, and no appointment is necessary and walk-ins are welcome. But if you want to schedule a time to have your iPad repaired or have any questions, call us today at (480) 559-9694. If you unable to come in person to our North Phoenix shop, you can also send your device in using our Ship-to-Repair program. You send it, we fix it, then send it back to you good as new.

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