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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 repair
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has a huge 8-inch screen and was the first tablet of this size on the market when it was released. It uses a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and has two cameras, so you get twice the fun when taking pictures! This tablet’s features include a Video Hub capable of storing an incredible number of titles. Despite its power, the Galaxy Tab 3 is very slim and lightweight, so it feels like a feather in your hands.

Of course, the problem with having such a lightweight device is its fragility. As hard as Samsung has tried to toughen up its devices, the same issues continue to arise. If you were to drop your tablet on a concrete floor, for example, there is a strong possibility that a cracked screen will be the result.

No one likes being in this situation, but when you contact Arizona iPad Repair, you can be sure of a fast response. Our technicians are experts when it comes to Samsung and Apple device repair and can quickly diagnose and repair virtually any issue. They have seen it all, so call (480) 559-9694 to book an appointment or just drop into our store. You can also try out our popular Ship-to-Repair program, which allows customers from across the city to have their devices fixed. Just mail us your Galaxy Tab 3 and we will repair and send it back to you. For more information on this service and our list of repairs, call us at the number above or email us today.

List of Galaxy Tab 3 Repairs Offered

Give us your tablet and we will perform an analysis of the potential problem for free.

Charging port repairCHARGING PORT REPAIR
Once the charging port gets damaged, your tablet’s power will drain down to zero. Allow our technicians to fix the port and get your tablet running once again.

Battery repairBATTERY REPAIR
As reliable as the Galaxy Tab 3 battery can be, all it takes is a slight problem to damage it. Luckily, we have batteries in stock and can replace it for you in minutes.


Digitizer &LCD REPLACEMENT- $200 
Even the most careful owners have bad accidents, so if you drop your phone, don’t fret. We can repair damaged LCD screens

Digitizer &SCREEN REPLACEMEN -$75(7in) $100(10.1) 
Even the most careful owners have bad accidents, so if you drop your phone, don’t fret. We can repair or replace cracked screens, so you can go back to enjoying the tab 3’s wonderful HD display.

Vibrate repairVIBRATE REPAIR
Keeping your phone on vibrate allows you to receive covert text messages and phone calls, so if your tablet is damaged and prevents you from doing this, give us a call.

Camera repairCAMERA REPAIR
This tablet has two cameras, so if you have a problem with one or both, our team can speedily come to your rescue.