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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is approximately two years old now and has been usurped by newer and more powerful models, it is still a fantastic device and can now be picked up at a bargain price. Despite being “old” by the standards of tablets, it uses an impressive 4,000mAh battery, which lasts for almost the whole day when in constant use.

With so many features and apps, it is easy to see how you could become reliant on the Galaxy Tab 2; if it were to be damaged, you would naturally be devastated, as a cracked screen, damaged battery or broken home button would ruin your enjoyment. At Arizona iPad Repair, we have technicians who specialize in the repair of Samsung and Apple phones and tablets and have fixed thousands of devices.

No matter what the problem may be, our expert team is confident that your device can be repaired. If your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is causing you strife, contact us at (480) 559-9694 to book an appointment. We are also happy to welcome customers who just happen to drop in during business hours. Is our store located too far away? Not a problem! Use our Ship-to-Repair programDon’t allow a damaged tablet to get you down; allow our technicians to give you a free consultation to find out what the problem is and send us your device by mail. No matter where you are, we can fix your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and send it straight back to you. If this service interests you or you want to learn more about the services offered below, phone or email us today.

List of Galaxy Tab 2 Repairs Offered

Don’t allow a damaged tablet to get you down; allow our technicians to give you a free consultation to find out what the problem is.

Power button repairPOWER BUTTON REPAIR
Turning your phone on and off is a basic function, and if it is broken, it could be a nightmare, as you either can’t switch the phone on or else you need to constantly charge it. Allow our technicians to get to the root of the problem for you.

Battery repairBATTERY REPAIR
Eventually, the battery in your tablet will run down, but luckily we have Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 batteries in stock, so we can quickly replace it for you.

glass-icon-35SCREEN REPLACEMEN – $75 (7in) $100(10.1in)
Even the most careful owners have bad accidents, so if you drop your phone, don’t fret. We can repair or replace cracked screens, so you can go back to enjoying the S3’s wonderful HD display.



Microphone repairMICROPHONE REPAIR
Samsung devices provide amazing sound, but if your tablet’s microphone is broken, you won’t get to experience it. This isn’t a problem, though, if you contact us for easy repair.

Speaker repairSPEAKER REPAIR
If your speakers are broken, you will have a lot of angry friends because you won’t be able to hear their calls!

Earpiece repairEARPIECE REPAIR
If you have difficulties hearing the person on the other end of the phone, you need earpiece repair or else trying to have conversations will continue to be a frustrating affair.