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Samsung Galaxy S3 repair
Samsung is a company synonymous with high-quality electronics, and its Galaxy family is no exception. The Galaxy S3 was the fastest phone on the planet when it was originally released and wowed users with its stunning HD screen, 8 MP camera and an array of additional features. It was the most successful Android phone of all time within months of its release, so it’s hardly a surprise that owners become extremely attached to it.

But what if you had a slight accident, dropped your beloved Samsung Galaxy S3 and ended up with a cracked screen? HD or not, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the wonderful features of this superb phone. It would be a nightmare, for lack of a better word. Fortunately, you can rely on Arizona iPhone Repair to get your Galaxy S3 back in perfect working order.

Our team of experts specialize in the repair of Samsung and Apple devices, so if your Galaxy S3 has a cracked screen, broken casing, hardware faults, software problems or any other issue, drop by our store during regular business hours. You can also book an appointment with one of our technicians by phoning (480) 559-9694. Alternatively, why not try out our Ship-to-Repair program? You send us your Galaxy S3 by secure mail; our team fixes your phone and returns it to you. For more information, call the number above or drop us an email.

List of Galaxy S3 Repairs Offered

Digitizer &

Even the most careful owners have bad accidents, so if you drop your phone, don’t fret. We can repair or replace cracked screens, so you can go back to enjoying the S3’s wonderful HD display.

If your Galaxy S3 has a problem but you have no idea what it is, give us your phone and one of our technicians will analyze and diagnose the problem for free.

Battery replacementBATTERY REPLACEMENT – $50
If the battery on your phone isn’t operational, you can’t enjoy its many features. We stock Galaxy S3 batteries, so we can replace your old battery in no time flat.

glass-icon-35 GLASS & LCD REPAIR – $100
Drop your phone and the glass can easily be cracked or else your LCD display may be damaged. If this happens, you need a repair or your phone will look like a mess.

Audio jack repairAUDIO JACK REPAIR – $50
If your audio jack isn’t working, you won’t be able to appreciate the high-quality sound in the S3, so give us your phone and we will quickly and efficiently repair it.

Back casingBACK CASING -$50
As we have a range of S3 casings in our store, replacing damaged back casing is easy and inexpensive.

Back casingCAMERA REPAIR – $50
What’s the point in having an 8MP camera if it doesn’t work? Contact our team of experts so you can start snapping high-quality pictures once again.