iPod Touch 4th Gen Repair in Phoenix

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iPod Touch 4th Gen Devices
When the iPod Touch 4th Generation hit the shelves, consumers were ecstatic with enthusiasm. The latest iPod from Apple had all the capabilities of its predecessor; however, this model made it so that users could connect to the internet via WiFi. This meant that songs and movies could be downloaded directly to the device, which by the way, was also a handheld computer that could one could use connect to the internet, play games on, and even make phone calls!

If you’ve discovered that your iPod Touch no longer displays content correctly, is not connecting to the internet, or you can’t use the audio jack to listen to music with headphones, you may need the assistance of Arizona iPhone Repair. Our shop is located in Phoenix and we have several knowledgeable technicians on hand to quickly fix your device. If for whatever reason you are unable to make it in to our location in person, we have a Ship-to-Repair program that can be used to send your broken iPod to us to be repaired. Be sure you call us first at (480) 559-9694 or click here to contact us to ensure that we can in fact fix your device before spending money on shipping.

List of iPod Touch 4th Gen Repairs Offered

Don’t replace your iPod Touch before having us inspect it free-of-charge for a possible inexpensive fix!

Uh oh, you’ve dropped your iPod and the screen has shattered. Don’t worry, be happy that this is a quick and easy repair!

DiagnosticsLCD REPLACEMENT – $50
A nonfunctional LCD display on your iPod will keep you from using it. Get back into the action by replacing your LCD today.

DiagnosticsWiFi REPAIR – $20
Without WiFi your iPod device won’t be able to connect to the internet. Have your WiFi repaired and get connected once again.

You’ll need a properly functioning headphone jack in order to listen to songs and movies, so get your damaged one replaced today!

DiagnosticsHOME BUTTON REPAIR – $40
Due to the Home button being the only button you use to navigate your iPod, you can’t have it sticking or broken altogether.