iPhone 6 Repairs

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iphone 6 repairs

List of iPhone 6 Repairs Offered


 DiagnosticsGLASS & LCD REPAIR – $70

Drop your phone and the glass can easily be cracked or else your LCD display may be damaged. If this happens, you need a repair or your phone will look like a mess.

One of our expert team will carefully analyze your phone to find out if you need it repaired in the first place. After all, you don’t want to spend a small fortune for an easy fix!

DiagnosticsAUDIO JACK REPAIR – $60
If the earphones of your device are not working, it could be that your audio jack is broken so send it to us for a quick repair.

DiagnosticsBACK CASING – $100
If you drop your phone, it could damage the back casing as well as the screen. We specialize in replacing damaged back cases and have white and black cases in store.

DiagnosticsBATTERY REPAIR – $40
A dodgy battery means you will be forced to charge your phone continuously and not be able to bring it anywhere for fear of it running out of battery. We can quickly swap out your battery and get your phone back to its best.

DiagnosticsCAMERA REPAIR – $50
Camera not working? We’ll swiftly get you back to snapping photos and filming your dog chasing his tail!

A damaged charging port means a phone that will quickly run out of juice. Get it sorted now or lose your phone’s functionality.

DiagnosticsEARPIECE REPAIR – $50
If you can’t hear callers, the earpiece may be damaged. Allow our expert team to quickly repair it.

DiagnosticsWater Damage Repair – $40
Process takes about 24-48 hours, parts that need to be replaced add extra costs. If the repair is not successful, then the fee becomes $20.

Get your device quicker than you’d expect. The estimated wait time for repairs is 20-30minutes.DiagnosticsHOME BUTTON REPAIR – $40
Without access to your home button, it will be impossible to navigate around your device so bring it in and allow us to get it fixed as soon as we can.DiagnosticsMICROPHONE REPAIR – $40
Can’t talk to anyone on your phone? Give it to us and our technicians will work their magic.

If you are unable to switch your phone on or off, you need it fixed immediately or else you will have an expensive dud device on your hands.

If you can’t hear your phone ringing, you will have a lot of people angry at you so sort out your speakers today.

DiagnosticsTILT SENSOR REPAIR – $60
When your tilt sensor is not working properly, you won’t be able to enjoy all your iPhone’s apps so get it fixed and start using the phone the way you used to.

DiagnosticsVIBRATE REPAIR – $50
The vibrate feature is a great way to be alerted to calls without making a scene so if your iPhone doesn’t vibrate properly; you need to get it fixed to continue receiving those clandestine text messages!

If you are having problems adjusting your speaker volume, the volume control may be the issue. Get it fixed now before it causes an embarrassing situation!

DiagnosticsWiFi REPAIR – $60
If your iPhone’s Wi-Fi is not functioning properly, you could end up paying for Internet usage. Don’t allow this to happen; contact us and get it fixed.