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iPhone 4s Devices
Our phones have become a vital source of connecting with friends and family. Without a properly working smart phone, how would we check email, update our Twitter feed, or like a friend’s picture of what they’re about to eat when we’re on the go? If you’ve dropped or somehow damaged your iPhone and it no longer functions the way you’ve come to so heavily rely on, you may be living a nightmare situation. But don’t worry, Arizona iPhone Repair is an Apple and Samsung phone repair specialist that has experienced technicians on hand to get your phone fixed; reconnecting you to the world at the touch of a button once again.

If you own an iPhone 4 or 4S and you’re experiencing issues with charging, have a broken case, or your phone simply won’t turn on, bring it in to one of our repair experts to have a full diagnostic performed free-of-charge. You’re more than welcome to stop by the shop in person during normal business hours or to schedule a time at your convenience by calling (480) 559-9694. Additionally, we offer a Ship-to-Repair service that allows customers to mail their phone to us to be repaired. Please call the number provided or click here to contact us.

List of iPhone 4 & 4S Repairs Offered

DiagnosticsGLASS & LCD REPAIR – $40
Make your shattered or scratched device look like new again by replacing the glass or repairing the LCD screen.

Let an expert technician inspect your device to figure out what the problem is and where the solution lies.

DiagnosticsAUDIO JACK REPAIR – $50
Enjoy your Apple iTunes again by getting your headphone / audio jack back to operating like new again.

DiagnosticsBACK CASING – $20
Whether you need to replace a white or black back casing to your iPhone 4 or 4S, we can do that.

DiagnosticsBATTERY REPAIR – $40
If your phone is having an issue with keeping its charge or charging in general, you may need to replace that battery.

DiagnosticsCAMERA REPAIR – $40
Don’t miss out on capturing that perfect moment with a picture by fixing your phone’s camera today.

If your iPhone’s charging port is damaged and won’t charge, we can swap it out and get you back up and running in no time.

DiagnosticsEARPIECE REPAIR – $40
Without a functional earpiece your phone conversations are basically one-way, we can fix that!

DiagnosticsHOME BUTTON REPAIR – $40
Have a stuck or nonfunctional home button, not to worry, our technicians can promptly get you navigating your phone again.

DiagnosticsMICROPHONE REPAIR – $40
Similarly to a broken earpiece, a nonworking microphone makes for a one-way phone call, let us fix that!

DiagnosticsPOWER BUTTON REPAIR – $50
If you can’t turn on your phone you may as well use it as a paperweight, but if you’re not ready to do that, give us a call.

DiagnosticsSPEAKER REPAIR – $40
Get back to watching your favorite movies and listening to your MP3s with properly working speakers.

DiagnosticsTILT SENSOR REPAIR – $na
Tilt sensor not working on your phone? That’s no problem for our knowledgeable iPhone repair staff.

DiagnosticsVIBRATE REPAIR – $40
Have you set your phone to vibrate only to discover it’s not working? Bring it in, we can fix this issue.

If your phone conversation is either too loud or not loud enough, you’ll need that volume button working right.

DiagnosticsWiFi REPAIR – $40
You shouldn’t have to rely on a 3G or 4G connection to access the internet from home, so let us fix your WiFi!