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iPhone 3G Devices
When it comes to your phone, it needs to be working; otherwise you’re disconnected from your friends, your social media profiles, and well, the world. As we continue to rely more and more heavily on our smart phones, we sometimes forget what life is like without one, until that dreaded day when it stops working actually occurs. If you’re iPhone 3G or 3Gs is no longer operating the way you remember, it may be time to drop it off at our Arizona iPhone Repair store in the North Valley to have it looked at. Our staff is friendly and very knowledgeable when it comes to fixing all Apple and Samsung devices, especially older model iPhones.

Regardless of whether your phone won’t turn on, the glass is cracked, or you simply can’t make or receive a phone call, there is more than likely an issue with your device that we’ll be more than happy to fix for you. Please feel free to stop by in person to our repair store in Phoenix or to give us a call directly at (480) 559-9694 to discuss your options. We also have a Ship-to-Repair service that allows you to mail your device to us to be fixed at which point we will send it right back to you. Please call the number provided or click here to contact us.

List of iPhone 3G & 3GS Repairs Offered

DiagnosticsGLASS & LCD REPAIR – $40
Replace your shattered or scratched glass and LCD fixes for non-working phone displays.

Professional inspection of your device’s hardware and software to properly identify the problem(s).

DiagnosticsAUDIO JACK REPAIR – $50
Replacement or restoration of the phone’s headphone / audio jack, so you can get back to listening to music.

DiagnosticsBACK CASING – $80
Replacement for used, scratched, or chipped back plastic. Available in two amazing colors: black or white.

DiagnosticsBATTERY REPAIR – $35
Battery replacement to keep your phone running longer and more efficiently when on calls or running apps.

DiagnosticsCAMERA REPAIR – $40
Get back to snapping photos of your friends and family and uploading them to your favorite social media site.

Phone not charging the way it’s supposed to? May be time to have the charging port repaired.

DiagnosticsEARPIECE REPAIR – $50
Having difficulty hearing your callers? It may mean that you need to have the earpiece repaired.

Get your device quicker than you’d expect. The estimated wait time for repairs is 30 – 40 minutes.

DiagnosticsHOME BUTTON REPAIR – $40
Home button sticking, worn down, or broken altogether? Don’t worry, one of our knowledgeable technicians can fix that!

DiagnosticsMICROPHONE REPAIR – $50
If you sound distant or choppy on the phone, you may need to have the microphone repaired.

DiagnosticsPOWER BUTTON REPAIR – $60
A phone that doesn’t turn on, isn’t much good! Get that power button working and connect to the world again.

DiagnosticsSPEAKER REPAIR – $50
Can’t hear your phone ring? Sounds like the speaker needs repair, which we can handle with ease!

DiagnosticsTILT SENSOR REPAIR – $n/a
View your phone holding it any which way you like how you used to by fixing the tilt sensor!

DiagnosticsVIBRATE REPAIR – $40
Know when your phone is ringing again when in church, a library, or movie theater by fixing the vibration feature.

Swap out or have your volume button repaired and get back to hearing your caller in no time.

DiagnosticsWiFi REPAIR – $60
Without WiFi many phone apps won’t work properly. Get reconnected and back in the game!