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iPad 1 Devices
The Apple iPad 1 revolutionized the computer world by introducing a handheld device with 3G capability that allowed the user to connect to the world. Ever since then, monitoring social media profiles, bringing your office on the road with you, and keeping kids entertained with countless games has become the norm for many iPad owners. If you rely on your tablet to conduct day-to-day activities only to discover your iPad no longer works right, it may be time to drop it off at Arizona iPhone Repair in Phoenix to have a technician trouble shoot your issue(s).

iPad 1 computing systems commonly experience broken displays, requiring LCD replacement, and battery-related problems, preventing proper charging and extended use of the device when unplugged. If one or more of these issues is preventing you from using your iPad, please contact our store at (480) 559-9694 to schedule an appointment. If you can’t make it in to our location, please take advantage of our Ship-to-Repair service that gives you the opportunity to utilize our services by simply mailing your device directly to us. When we’ve managed to bring it back to perfect working order, we’ll send your iPad back! Please click here to contact us via email.

List of iPad 1 Repairs Offered

Let us inspect your iPad for damage. If it’s not broke we won’t try to fix it. Of course we will repair your broken device!

Has the glass on your iPad 1 been broken or scratched beyond usability? If so, bring in your device to have the digitizer replaced!

A cracked or shattered digitizer can put a damper on your iPad usage. Don’t have anymore down time by letting us fix your problem.

Get your device quicker than you’d expect. The estimated wait time for repairs is about 1 hour.

DiagnosticsLCD ONLY REPLACEMENT – $120
If the LCD display unit is no longer operating properly, please bring your iPad in to us today for a quick replacement.

A poorly performing battery can seriously restrict your time using your device. Have your iPad 1 battery replaced by contacting us.