iPad Screen Repair

03 Nov


Those who love the iPad see it as a mixture of the best elements of a Mac and iPhone. Yet despite the lofty reputation this device has, it can develop faults, and issues with the screen are among the most frustrating. If you have a broken, cracked, or unresponsive screen, it is impossible to get enjoyment from your beloved device.

Don’t Despair Because It Can Be Repaired!

Our professional team of experts have repaired hundreds of iPad screens; the majority of them have cracked or broken, and the simple solution is to get your screen replaced. If you try to have it fixed by Apple, you can expect to pay in the region of $300. Our rates are far more reasonable, and since we use genuine Apple parts, it’s the same fix only less expensive!

Those who try a DIY approach are inevitably frustrated because iPads are notoriously difficult to open, and this is not something that’s achievable without certain equipment. Even if you possess the right tools, it can take several hours just to open the iPad, and that’s before you have tried to replace the screen!

A common mistake made during the DIY approach is to break the WiFi antenna, which is stuck on the glass beside the Home button. Another typical error is to sever the connection to one of the antennas on top of the iPad while removing the screen glass. The result is a lengthy fix that may end up damaging your iPad!

In contrast, our team of experts use special heating devices to quickly remove the adhesive that holds the screen to the rest of the iPad. We carefully make the repair or replacement while avoiding the multitude of cables inside and return your iPad in perfect working order. If this sounds good, get in touch with us today!

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