THe New iPad Pro

11 Sep

The new iPad Pro is taking home entertainment as well as entertainment on the go to the next level. There have been many previous versions of the iPad but the new iPad Pro is much larger than a normal iPad. This will be great for watching TV and movies at home on a larger platform […]

iPhone 7 Features and Hardware

11 Sep

With the iPhone 7 release date just around the corner, anticipation is rising and consumers are curious of how it will function and what new features it will have. So here’s what we know so far. Just like any iPhone new release the iPhone 7 Will have a faster processor and is equipped and to […]

Apple Watch and the Future of Device Integration

08 Aug

For the past few years, electronic watches with Bluetooth capability have been becoming more popular and easier to integrate with other phones and tablets. But none more than the apple watch. Fitness companies have been manufacturing watches that detect blood pressure and other vital signs. They also have a step counter and some even have […]

Anatomy of a phone screen

06 Aug

Aside from just the glass, a phone screen consists of many different parts that are layered together to make a fully functioning phone screen with touch sensitivity, adjustable brightness, as well as other lesser known functions. In this blog, ill go over the different layers of a phone screen and explain how they work and […]

iPhone vs. Samsung

03 Aug

There has been a lasting war between iPhone users and Samsung users. Both ends of the spectrum will argue that one is better than the other, but in my experience i have noticed that neither the iPhone or Samsung phones are better than the other, it all just depends on what you’re looking for. Apple […]

5 Texting Tips For Apple Devices

03 Dec

For many users, Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad are more like a daily companion than an electronic device. After almost constant use, most Apple device users believe they know their gadget inside out but in most cases, they have only scratched the surface. For example, here are 5 texting tips you may […]

Should I Choose Apple, Google Or Windows For My Mobile Phone?

18 Nov

Smartphone users have never had it so good! Now you have a choice of operating systems from Apple (iOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Phone) but which one is best for you? Apps The Apple App Store is legendary and can match everything Google throws at it in this department and Microsoft is well behind. […]

What You Should Know About Google Android’s 4.4 KitKat Update

15 Nov

The Android 4.4 KitKat is an update of Google’s mobile software and was available from 31 October 2014. As is the case with the other updates, the purpose of the Android 4.4 KitKat update was to improve the device’s performance and offer better features and services which we look at below. NFC Payments Upgrade Near-field […]