5 Texting Tips For Apple Devices

03 Dec


For many users, Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad are more like a daily companion than an electronic device. After almost constant use, most Apple device users believe they know their gadget inside out but in most cases, they have only scratched the surface. For example, here are 5 texting tips you may be completely unaware of.

1 – Turn Off Message Preview

If you like to text a lot, you may be guilty of leaving your iPhone in plain sight where wandering eyes can read your messages. Prevent this by turning off message preview on your SMS alerts. Simply go to Settings – Notifications – Messages before switching off the toggle next to ‘Show Preview’.

2 – Stop The Screen From Switching View

When texting, it is very annoying to find any Apple device switching from portrait to landscape and back again as you change sitting positions. Stop this screen rotation by double clicking the Home button to get a list of recently opened apps. Swipe from left to right until you find music controls and a grey square which says Portrait Orientation Blocked; this locks your screen in portrait mode.

3 – LED Alert

Did you know the LED camera light on the back of your iPhone can actually be set to flash when you receive text messages? Just go to Settings – General – Accessibility and in the Hearing category, click on the toggle next to LED Flash for Alerts.

4 – Format Text in Email

If you want to add a flourish to your messages in the form of underlining, bolding or italicizing words, just double tap any word and the options menu will appear. Then you need to tap the arrow, and select the B/U option.

5 – Define a Word

If you use apps like Mail or Safari, double tap a word to bring up the options menu and then click on Define. This is handy when you want to impress someone with your splendid vocabulary!

Improve Your Device

Use these texting tips to improve your Apple device experience. For more tips on how to get the most out of your device, contact an iproducts expert.

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